Algeciras beats out Tanger as transshipment hub
By Eva Matthews on 14 March 2018
Algeciras has more connections with the Americas, while Tanger has more links to Asia.
  Utilizing data from the BlueWater Reporting Port Dashboard tool, the chart above displays the total number of services calling the Mediterranean transshipment ports of Tanger, Morocco and Algeciras, Spain. The chart also specifies the number of alliance-operated services calling each port. 
  According to the data, Algeciras is called by a slightly larger number of services at 41, all of which are fully cellular container services. Its Africa connections make up about 46 percent of the services calling Algeciras, the largest service area proportionally. It is followed by connections with the Americas (including North, South and Central America, and the Caribbean) with about 32 percent of its services calling the region. 
  Tanger is called on a total of 39 services, 35 of which are fully cellular. Africa connections also make up the largest proportional service area calling the port, at about 36 percent. Tanger, however, has a greater number of Asian connections than Algeciras with seven services, compared to the Spanish port's four. 
  Tanger and Algeciras are each called by six alliance-operated services. In Algeciras, most of these are connections with the Americas, while in Tanger the majority are with Asia.