Alliances offer several connections between Altamira and the Gulf Coast
By Bessie Howard on 29 December 2017
All three alliances provide fast transit from Altamira to Houston and New Orleans, according to BlueWater Reporting.
    Utilizing the BlueWater Reporting Region to Region Transit Analysis by Service application, port dashboard and service dashboard, the above chart provides an overview of alliance services that directly call Altamira to Gulf coast ports in days. According to the data, there are only two Gulf coast ports that are called directly by this transit: Houston and New Orleans.
    Overall, Altamira to Houston maintains the fastest transit, at two days for all three alliance services. This transit is called by each alliance– the 2M, "THE" and OCEAN Alliances.
    There are currently four alliance services directly calling Altamira to New Orleans, with the 2M Alliance operated NEUATL3 transiting the fastest at three days.
    Overall, there are seven services calling Altamira to Gulf coast ports: three operated by the 2M Alliance, two operated by "THE" Alliance and two operated by the OCEAN Alliance.