Bigger Versus Faster in the Transpacific Lane
By Kim Williams on 20 February 2019

      According to BlueWater Reporting’s Port to Port Transit Analysis application, the fastest weekly container services from Busan to Los Angeles are tied between APL’s Eagle Express-EX1 and Hyundai Merchant Marine’s Pacific South-PS1. The EX-1 and PS-1 make the transit at 11 days from Busan to Los Angeles. However, the service with the most capacity is 2M Alliance’s TP8/New Orient service with 66,632 TEUs in deployed capacity. 
      All three services shown in the chart have six vessels, thus deployed capacity might be the biggest distinction. The TP8/New Orient will take 18 days to connect Busan to Los Angeles, yet it is still a weekly service with largest vessels. HMM’s PS-1 is faster than the TP8/New Orient, although it operates with 49,690 TEUs or 74 percent of the 2M Alliance’s deployed capacity. Finally, the smallest of the weekly connections is on APL’s EX-1 with 43 percent of the TP8/New Orient’s volume.