HMM to deploy lowest average vessel capacity on Asia-Europe trade
By Jillian Bauman on 26 March 2018
HMM will return to the Asia-Europe trade with a 64 percent smaller average vessel size than they had previously.
   Utilizing BlueWater Reporting's Carrier/Trade Route Deployment Report, the chart above displays the average vessel capacity of all carriers on the Asia to Europe trade for the March reporting periods of 2016-2018. It also displays the average vessel capacity HMM will deploy on its new Asia-Europe service, set to commence in April of this year.
   HMM has not been a vessel operator on the Asia-Europe trade since February of 2017, opting instead to purchase slots on 2M Alliance global services. The Korean carrier will launch its new, standalone Asia-North Europe Express (AEX) service independently of its slot-sharing agreement with 2M.
   According to the data, overall average vessel capacity deployed on the Asia-Europe trade has steadily increased over the years. Capacity rose from 11,630 TEUs in March 2016 to 14,086 TEUs in March 2018, a stark contrast to the average vessel capacity of 4,600 TEUs HMM will deploy in April.
   HMM's vessel sizes on the AEX will have decreased by 64 percent since 2016, when the carrier's average vessel capacity on the trade was 12,926 TEUs.