K Line deploys greatest capacity on Asia-North America trade
By Bessie Howard on 9 February 2018
Almost half of their total capacity is deployed on the Asia to North America trade.
   Utilizing BlueWater Reporting's Carrier Trade Route Splits Report, the above chart displays the top 10 trades by deployed capacity for liner carrier K Line. As Japanese carriers K Line, NYK and MOL move forward with the merger of their container business into joint venture Ocean Network Express (ONE), this chart provides a glimpse into K Line's current trade participation in the industry. This data reflects deployed capacity from the close of January 2018, measured in TEUs. 
   Currently, K Line deploys a total of 102,513 TEUs between its top 10 trades, 49 percent of which is on the Asia to/from North America trade. K Line's current offerings on the Asia-North America trade are wholly encompassed by their participation in THE Alliance. A significant portion of K Line's deployed capacity is on the North Asia to/from Central Asia trade, with a combined deployed capacity of 23,732 TEUs.
   The remaining six trades altogether make up only 28,344 TEUs or 28 percent of total deployed capacity between the top 10 trades, indicating K Line's heaviest participation is on the Asia-North America and Central-North Asia trades.