MOL's Asia outbound capacity
By Robert King on 12 February 2018
Asia outbound makes up a large portion of their total capacity, according to BlueWater Reporting.
   Utilizing the BlueWater Reporting Carrier Trade Route Splits Report, this chart displays a comparison of MOL capacity on all Asia outbound trades vs. MOL's combined capacity on all trades, as of the January 2018 reporting period. Capacity is measured in estimated weekly allocated TEUs.
   Out of 198,382 TEUs, MOL dedicated 56,092 TEUs to all Asia outbound trade legs compared to 142,290 TEUs for all other trades combined, making up 28 percent of its total allocated capacity. 
Of the more than 56,000 allocated TEUs on Asia outbound lanes, 31,861 TEUs were assigned to the Asia to North America Trade. This means almost 57 percent of MOL's Asia outbound trade was destined for North America. 
   The next largest total is found on the Asia to North Europe trade at 7,778 TEUs. Rounding out the top three trades by allocated capacity is the Asia to India Subcontinent leg with 5,504 TEUs.