OCEAN Alliance deploys largest vessels in Boston
By Jillian Bauman on 28 February 2018
According to BlueWater Reporting, just three weekly container services call Boston.
   According to data from BlueWater Reporting's Port Dashboard, the port of Boston, MA is called by three container services. The chart above displays those services as well as the average vessel capacity deployed by each. Capacity is measured in TEUs. 
   OCEAN Alliance takes the lead in highest average vessel capacity with its Manhattan Bridge Twin Peaks Pendulum-MTX/AWE2 service at 8,481 TEUs. The service deploys 16 vessels.
   THE Alliance's North America East Coast-EC2 service has the second largest average vessel capacity at 8,445 TEUs and deploys 10 vessels.
   Lastly, MSC's Ecuador to NWC service deploys the lowest average vessel capacity at 4,112 TEUs and deploys seven vessels.
All of these services operate on a weekly frequency, with average vessel capacities ranging from 4,112 TEUs to 8,481 TEUs.