OCEAN Alliance provides fastest transit times from Altamira to Antwerp
By Jillian Bauman on 2 January 2018
According to BlueWater Reporting, the OCEAN Alliance offers the quickest transit out of the six services that offer a connection from Altamira to Antwerp.
   The chart above utilizes BlueWater Reporting's Port to Port Transit Analysis by Carrier application to show transit times from Altamira to Antwerp for each service that calls these ports.
   Six services offer connections from Altamira to Antwerp, with four weekly services and two with frequencies of 13 and 38 days, respectively.
   The OCEAN Alliance’s Victory Bridge offers the fastest transit time between the two ports at 20 days. The TA3/NEUATL3 operated by the 2M Alliance and the Transatlantic Loop 4-AL4 operated by THE Alliance tie for second place, each with a transit time of 23 days.
   As for non-weekly services, Maritime Carrier Shipping's Transatlantic Service has a transit time of 34 days from Altamira to Antwerp, with a 13 day service frequency.
   Finally, G2 Ocean's North Europe/USEC/USG Loop 1 offers the slowest transit time at 44 days, with a service frequency of 38 days.