Outbound Asia offerings differ greatly between CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd
By Robert King on 19 July 2018
Unlikely to merge in the near future, CMA CGM and Hapag-Lloyd offer unique connections from Asia.
  French container line CMA CGM has approached German carrier Hapag-Lloyd in recent months about a possible merger, Reuters reported last week. Key Hapag-Lloyd shareholders reportedly rejected the proposal, which would combine the world's third largest carrier in operating fleet capacity, CMA CGM, and the fifth largest carrier, Hapag-Lloyd.
  Despite the German carrier’s denials of any current talks with the French, one can see the possible benefits to both carriers in such a merger, given their respective service offerings. 
  Utilizing the Carrier Deployed Capacity Mapping Report and Capacity Extract from BlueWater Reporting, granular data can be gleaned to better understand the current focus of these two carriers.  The chart above shows a snapshot comparison of total Asia outbound capacity between CMA CGM and Hapag-Lloyd, as of the July 2018 reporting period. Capacity is measured in total deployed TEUs. 
   According to the data, CMA CGM’s total Asia outbound capacity is 1,933,632 TEUs, with more than half, 1,099,269 TEUs, destined for the Mediterranean, North America, and North Europe. Hapag-Lloyd’s deployed Asia outbound capacity is 1,270,962 TEUs, with 445,138 TEUs of total capacity heading to the same regions.
   Hapag-Lloyd shows a smaller and more diversified offering of 557,535 TEUs, or more than 40 percent of total Asia outbound capacity destined for Mexico, the Middle East, the Caribbean and East Coast South America. 
  The greatest difference between the two carriers is on the Asia to South America East Coast trade lane, on which Hapag-Lloyd has almost three times the deployed capacity at 106,857 TEUs, compared to CMA CGM 's  28,152 TEUs. 
  All told, Hapag-Lloyd capacity to Mexico, the Mideast, the Caribbean and South America East Coast totals 450,678 TEUs, making up more than one third of all Asia outbound capacity.
   The combined Asia outbound deployed capacity of CMA CGM and Hapag-Lloyd totals 3,204,594 TEUs.