Port Analysis: Da Chan Bay
By Jillian Bauman on 28 December 2017
   BlueWater Reporting’s Port Dashboard tool shows the CIX, jointly operated by HMM and Gold Star Line, deploys the largest vessels through the port.
   BlueWater Reporting's Port Dashboard tool shows the Port of Da Chan Bay in southern China is called by 10 liner services that also sail to regions outside China. The chart above displays those services, as well as the average vessel capacity for each.
   All of these services operate on a weekly frequency, with average vessel capacities ranging from 1,114 TEUs to 8,521 TEUs.
   HMM and Gold Star Line's China India Express-CIX has the largest average vessel capacity at 8,521 TEUs from the six vessels it deploys.
   Coming in second is “THE” Alliance's Pacific Southwest Loop 4-PS4 at 6,571 TEUs from its six vessels.
   The ALX/CWL, jointly operated by NYK and MOL, comes in third with an average vessel capacity of 6,478 TEUS and deploys 11 vessels.
   While Zim’s Med Pacific-ZMP deploys the highest number of vessels at 15, it comes in fifth place for largest average vessel size at 4,555 TEUs.
   Gold Star’s Haiphong Shuttle Express-HSX has the smallest average vessel capacity at 1,114 TEUs and deploys just one vessel.