THE Alliance Dominates the Port of Ashdod
By Jillian Bauman on 9 March 2018
Out of eight weekly services calling Ashdod, THE Alliance brings the largest average vessel capacity.
   Utilizing BlueWater Reporting’s Port Dashboard, the chart above displays the deployed capacity (TEUs) of each of the eight weekly services calling the port of Ashdod, Israel.  Of these services, the Mediterranean 3-MD3 operated by THE Alliance provides the largest average vessel capacity at 13,874 TEUs. This loop deploys 10 vessels.
   OCEAN Alliance's Far East Med Service-FEM/AEM5 comes in second with 8,204 TEUs and deploys eight vessels. Despite deploying the largest number of vessels at 15, Zim's Zim Med Pacific-ZMP comes in third with an average vessel capacity of 4,555 TEUs. The service with the least average vessel capacity is Grimaldi Lines' Euro-Med Service, with 726 TEUs and deploying just five vessels.   Overall, THE Alliance takes the cake with the largest average vessel capacity at the port of Ashdod.