THE Alliance offers fastest transits from North Europe to Charleston
By Kim Williams on 9 July 2018
THE Alliance's AL3 service has a transit time of seven days from London Gateway to Charleston, the shortest of the major European connections to the South Carolina port. 
  Utilizing the BlueWater Reporting Region to Region Transit analysis, the chart above shows the fastest transit times from each of North Europe’s major ports to Charleston, South Carolina by carrier service. There are seven major European ports connecting with Charleston, the shortest transit times offered by three different services. 
  According to the data, THE Alliance’s AL3 service offers the fastest transits from four out of the seven European ports represented in the chart, the shortest of which is seven days out of London Gateway. The AL3 also has the shortest transit times to Charleston from Bremerhaven at eight days, and Antwerp and Rotterdam at 11 days each. 
  2M Alliance’s TA3/NEUATL offers the shortest connection between Le Havre and Charleston, with a transit time of nine days. 
  For transit connections from Felixstowe and Hamburg, Maersk Line and Hamburg Süd’s Colombia Express service has the fastest transit to Charleston at 12 and 16 days, respectively.
  The average vessel capacity for THE Alliance’s AL2 service is 4,992 TEUs among four vessels, while the Colombia Express deploys six vessels averaging 2,554 TEUs. The largest vessels sail on the 2M Alliance’s TA3/NEUATL3 service, with seven vessels averaging 7,450 TEUs.