The Port of Shanghai Maintains Status as Busiest Port in the World
By Alexander Ullmann on 24 January 2019
Expanding terminals in Shanghai drive container capacity growth
  The port of Shanghai once again has maintained its status as the busiest port in the world. As ports world-wide are continuously developing, Shanghai is expanding terminals at an accelerated pace. An example of this expansion is the Shengdong/Yangshan Container Terminal-SSICT terminal. The SSICT is one of the largest and most advanced terminals in the world. At the end of the first and second phases of development, the SSICT terminal boasted 3,000 meters of deepwater access as well at 34 quay cranes. In the fourth phase of development a completely automated segment was designed to boost productivity. In the future, the SSICT terminal will look to expand autonomous operations and expand container capacity. 
  The chart above was built by utilizing the Bluewater Reporting Terminal Analysis tool. Of the Shanghai terminals in the Bluewater database, the largest terminal in terms of TEUs is the Shengdong/Yangshan Container Terminal-SSICT with 6,868,647 TEUs. The smallest Shanghai terminal is currently the Shanghai Pudong International Container Terminal with only 31,247 TEUs of current capacity. Total capacity of all the Shanghai terminals currently in the Bluewater Reporting database is 10,148,609 TEUs.