Total Terminals dominates in port of Long Beach
By Eva Matthews on 19 February 2018
Pier T handles almost double the capacity of the six other Long Beach terminals.
  Utilizing the BlueWater Reporting Terminal Analysis tool, the chart above displays the total deployed capacity going through each of the terminals at the California port of Long Beach. Capacity is measured in TEUs. The port sees a total of 928,532 deployed TEUs at seven terminals. 
  According to the data, Total Terminals International at Pier T sees the greatest capacity by far, at 365,321 TEUs. The capacity at this terminal makes up 39 percent of the total capacity going through the port, and is 47 percent greater than the next largest terminal. 
  Pacific Container Terminal at Pier J comes in second, with a total of 192,061 TEUs, followed by SSA Terminals Pier A with 128,432, ITS Terminal  Pier With 120,199, and Long Beach Container Terminal with 95,944 deployed TEUs. 
  The smallest two terminals are SSA Terminals Pier C and Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring  Pier F with 16,606 and 9,969 deployed TEUs, respectively.