Trade Between East Coast South America and North Europe down in 2017
By Heather Henderson on 10 January 2018
Allocated capacity in both directions has dropped since 2013, according to BlueWater Reporting.
   Using BlueWater Reporting's Capacity Report, this chart shows the estimated weekly allocated capacity between East Coast South America and North Europe over the past five years.
   The capacity in both directions, from South America to Europe and from Europe to South America, has fallen quite a bit since 2013. 
In December 2013, the estimated weekly allocated capacity from East Coast South America to North Europe was 21,547 TEUs. This fell to 18,440 TEUs the following year, then rose again to 21,840 TEUs in 2015. After another slight dip in 2016, the most recent data from December 2017 has it down significantly to 17,267 TEUs. This is a 20.55 percent decrease from 2016's 21,734 TEUs.
   The trend from North Europe to East Coast South America is similar. Dropping from 24,078 TEUs in December 2013 to 20,247 TEUs in 2014, the capacity in this direction also experienced a slight increase in 2015 and 2016, only to drop sharply again to only 17,292 TEUs by December 2017, a 22.60 percent decrease from the prior year.