Transpacific Services Calling Seattle
By Kim Williams on 13 December 2018
Port of Seattle will be able to handle larger vessels with new dredging
  Seattle is seeking to gain more influence in the transpacific trade lane. The recent approval by the Army Corps of Engineers to deepen the channel to 57 feet, will allow Seattle to receive larger vessels and greater volume. In the future, Seattle could see more than the 6 weekly services shown in the chart above. 
   BlueWater Reporting’s Port Dashboard tool was used to construct the chart. The largest service capacity can be found on THE Alliance - Pacific North 3-PN3 service which operates 7 vessels with an average of 13,334 TEUs. The PN3 makes calls to Canada’s Prince Rupert and Vancouver, before calling Seattle for direct connections to Korea and mainland China. 
   The service with the most vessels connecting to Seattle is the OCEAN Alliance -- ANL/PIL - Columbus PNW-CMX1CPNW service which sails in a pendulum pattern. The CMX1CPNW operates 13 vessels, from North Asia to the Middle East, back to Asia, then onward to make its first call to the United States at Seattle. 
   The remaining 4 services have 6 vessels each, which brings a total of 43 vessel per week calling Seattle, with a combined average vessel capacity of 42,432 TEUs.