Veracruz leads Mexican ports in number of services
By Eva Matthews on 5 January 2018
BlueWater Reporting's Port Dashboard shows Veracruz is Mexico's most popular port, although Manzanillo handles more capacity.

   Utilizing the BlueWater Reporting Port Dashboard tool, the chart above displays the top three Mexican ports, measured in total number of services calling each port. The chart also displays the total weekly deployed capacity (TEUs) handled by each port.

   According to the data, Veracruz currently has the greatest number of services calling it, at a total of 32 services. These services can be broken down to 13 fully cellular services, 12 pure car/truck carrier services, four multipurpose services, and one each of ro-ro, con-ro and open hatch services. Altamira has the second greatest number of services at 20, which are comprised of 12 fully cellular, three multipurpose, four PCTC, and one open hatch.

   Finally, Manzanillo has the smallest number of services calling it, at a total of 15. All 15 of these are weekly, fully cellular services. Although it has the smallest number of services calling it, Manzanillo handles the greatest capacity at 988,095 TEUs. Veracruz handles 399,298 TEUs, and Altamira is close behind at 383,351 TEUs.

   Manzanillo, being on the west coast of Mexico, is more accessible to larger vessels coming from Asia, as they do not have to pass through the Panama or Suez canals. This likely accounts for the greater capacity handled by the port relative to Veracruz and Altamira, whose primary connections are to Europe and the Americas.