Vessel counts and capacity up on the Asia to North America trade
By Robert King on 18 September 2018
Average vessel capacity from Asia to North America continues to increase in September of 2018. 
  A second round of tariffs imposed on China by the United States of America went into effect on August 23, totaling $16 billion in 2017 import value. 
  This chart from BlueWater Reporting displays a snapshot of vessel count and average vessel capacity operating on the Asia to North America trade. The data points show capacity for the reporting periods of March through September of this year. 
  According to BlueWater Reporting’s Capacity Report, the average size of the 458 vessels operating on the Asia to North America trade at the close of the second quarter 2018 was 7,400 TEUs. 
  Average vessel capacity and total vessel counts have increased steadily each month to 8,033 TEUs and 469 vessels as of Sept. 9, 2018. There was a slight decrease in vessel counts to end July as new vessels operating with larger average capacities rotated into transpacific services. 
  Weekly nominal capacity totaled 402,145 TEUs for the week ending March 25, increasing more than 11 percent to 447,437 TEUs in September.  
  While weekly nominal capacity peaked in the week ending June 24, the vessel count and average vessel size have increased steadily since July of this year. 
  Comparing the vessel and capacity numbers at the close of March 2018 versus the most recent reported period shows that 11 more vessels have operated on the Asia to North America trade, and average vessel TEUs increased 633 TEUs over the same time span. 
  Larger vessels are likely to remain the standard on the Asia to North America trade for the foreseeable future.