ZIM's top 10 trades show overall capacity growth in 2018
By Bessie Howard on 30 July 2018
Liner carrier ZIM has seen year-over-year capacity increases on its top trades, especially between Asia and North America. 
  Israeli carrier ZIM will join 2M members Maersk Line and MSC on services calling the Asia-U.S. East Coast trade starting in early September of this year. This latest announcement comes on the heels of major revisions to 2M's transpacific, transatlantic and Asia-Europe networks. 
  Utilizing BlueWater Reporting's Trade Route Splits Report, the chart above displays the ZIM's top 10 trades in allocated capacity for July 2017 and July 2018. For both years,  ZIM has allocated the majority of their overall capacity between Asia-North America. Once ZIM joins the 2M services in September, their participation in the trade will grow significantly, increasing the gap between the remaining trades they operate on.
  According to the data, the Asia-North America trade saw a year-over-year capacity growth of 18 percent on both the eastbound and westbound legs. Currently, ZIM operates two services calling the  Asia-North America trade, the Z7S and ZMP, and purchases slots on the transpacific PN2 service, operated by Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM).
  In distant second and third places, the Asia-Mediterranean trade saw slight increases in capacity with an 8 percent increase from 4,367 TEUs in July 2017 to 4,701 TEUs in July 2018 for both import and export. This trade is called by only one ZIM-operated service, the standalone  ZMP.
  Three out of the six remaining trades listed in the chart have experienced year-over-year growth. The Caribbean to North America, Asia to Indian Subcontinent, and Indian Subcontinent to Mediterranean have all seen an increase in capacity since July, 2017. Out of these trades, the Caribbean to North America trade has seen the largest jump, increasing from 2,524 TEUs to 3,996 TEUs, a 58-percent increase.
  Trades that saw a decrease in capacity for ZIM are the Mediterranean to and from North America, and the Central to Southeast Asia trade. The largest decrease has been a 13-percent drop in capacity between North America and the Mediterranean, from 4,256 TEUs to 3,724 TEUs.
  Overall, ZIM currently operates vessels on 13 services and purchases slots on an additional 34 services. According to BlueWater's Carrier Dashboard, ZIM has 60 vessels in operation, totaling 315,570 TEUs of deployed capacity.