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Carriers blank 10 sailings on Asia-North America trade
Seven of the blanked sailings are on Asia-WCNA loops, while the other three are on Asia-ECNA loops.

   Various liner services are blanking sailings between Asia and North America over the next several weeks. OOCL said in a press release this week that the blanked sailings are “in response to the expected low demand in [the] spring.”
   Seven of the 10 blanked sailings involve Asia-West Coast North America loops, while the remaining three involve Asia-East Coast North America loops. Eight of the 10 blanked sailings are on services strictly operated by the OCEAN Alliance, while two blank sailings are scheduled on what OOCL calls the PCC2, a loop jointly operated by COSCO, which also refers to the loop as the PCC2, and PIL, which refers to the loop as the ACS.
   Data from BlueWater Reporting’s Capacity Report shows that the OCEAN Alliance deploys significantly more capacity from Asia to North America than the 2M Alliance and THE Alliance. The OCEAN Alliance deploys 157,936 TEUs per week from Asia to North America, followed by THE Alliance at 113,686 TEUs and the 2M Alliance at 68,178 TEUs. Services not operated by an alliance collectively deploy 77,994 TEUs a week towards the trade.
   OOCL said the blank sailings involve the:
   • OOCL Utah on the PCC1 loop (ETA Ningbo March 23 and ETA Long Beach April 8);
   • COSCO Europe on the PCC2 loop (ETA Lianyungang March 12 and ETA Long Beach March 31);
   • Kota Puri on the PCC2 loop (ETA Lianyungang April 9 and ETA Long Beach April 28); 
   • APL Esplanade on the PCS1 loop (ETA Fuqing on April 7 and ETA Los Angeles on April 27); 
   • CMA CGM Thames on the PNW2 loop (ETA Yantian April 8 and ETA Seattle April 28);
   • COSCO Pacific on the PNW4 loop (ETA Singapore March 7 and ETA Prince Rupert March 30);
   • CSCL Autumn on the PNW4 loop (ETA Singapore March 21 and ETA Prince Rupert April 13); 
   • APL Charleston on the ECC2 loop (ETA Qingdao April 9 and ETA Savannah May 10);
   • OOCL Malaysia on the ECX1 loop (ETA Hong Kong March 28 and ETA New York April 29);
   • And the Edison on the ECX2 loop (ETA Qingdao March 17 and ETA New York April 18).
   Conflicting information from a March 1 APL press release says the PCS1’s blanked sailing will be on the same date, but will be a blanked sailing from the CSCL Saturn instead of the APL Esplanade.