ISC-North America trade benefits from trade war

   Container capacity and goods trade between the India Subcontinent and North America in both directions has been on the rise.
   This trend is more pronounced from the ISC to North America, where trade has held strong due to the U.S.-China trade war and significantly more expensive manufacturing labor costs in China pushing more production to the ISC. 
   BlueWater Reporting’s latest report, “ISC-North America trade benefits from trade war,” provides import and export data between the ISC and North America to illustrate how goods trade between the regions has increased.
   In terms of container shipping operations on the ISC-North America trade in both directions, the report provides:
     • Historical data that shows how vessel capacity and average vessel size (TEUs) has increased over the years;
     • To what extent industry consolidation has impacted the number of container vessel operators and container services;
     • The specific container services and carriers that allocate the most capacity;
     • And the fastest transits, including which services and ports they involve.
   The complimentary report can be found here.