Mexico shows some signs of prosperity despite global volatility

   Mexico’s economy is expected to see modest improvement over the next two years as businesses continue to recognize the benefits of moving operations to the country and its GDP growth is forecast to pick up after stagnant growth in 2019.
   BlueWater Reporting’s latest report, “Mexico shows some signs of prosperity despite global volatility,” looks at signs of economic growth across the country, as well as headwinds that could partially hinder this growth, including global uncertainty in regards to how the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to pan out.
   The report also provides data on Mexico’s liner shipping operations, including:
     • The fastest liner shipping transits between Mexico and the U.S., Mexico’s top trade partner is terms of imports and exports;
     • The number of liner services, as well as the number of container services in particular calling ports across Mexico;
     • The number of container vessels calling Mexico’s ports, as well as the average container vessel size and largest container vessel size calling the ports;
     • The container shipping companies that have the largest presence in Mexico; 
     • And the number of container services and weekly allocated capacity on trades between Mexico and various other regions around the globe, and how capacity on these trades has changed over the years.
  The complementary report can be found here.