U.S. container import surge puts strain on supply chains

   U.S. ports from coast to coast are generally experiencing an influx of loaded container imports as a result of peak season, strong consumer demand, and businesses still replenishing their inventories in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns.
   BlueWater Reporting’s latest report, “U.S. container import surge puts strain on supply chains,” provides loaded import and export TEU figures for major U.S. ports to show the extent of the uptick in loaded import TEUs and how loaded export TEUs still have yet to rebound.
   The report also looks at how the import surge is fueling a lack of available container transport via rail and truck, as well as chassis shortages in some regions. 
   Additionally, the report provides information on how some ports are taking extra steps to maintain cargo fluidity amid the influx of imports, and how certain ports are actually not seeing any shortage in chassis.
   The report also provides an outlook for U.S. container imports, which are expected to hold strong for the next few weeks, although the mid-to-long term forecast is highly uncertain and dependent on how the pandemic continues to evolve.
   BlueWater Reporting’s latest report can be found here.