G6 Transpacific and Transatlantic Network Analysis
July 2, 2019
   The G6 Alliance of liner carriers, which includes Singapore-owned APL; Japan's NYK Line and MOL; HMM of South Korea; Hong Kong-based OOCL; and Hapag-Lloyd of Germany, has announced port rotations for a merged service network covering the transpacific and transatlantic trades. The merged network includes 12 dedicated Asia to West Coast North America loops, three that will serve exclusively from North Europe to East Coast North America, and two pendulum services, both of which make stops in West and East Coast North America, Asia, Europe and Central America.
   A new report from the BlueWater Reporting Research team takes a detailed look at the implications of this newly merged service network, scheduled to commence sailing in the second quarter of 2014, in terms of trade lane market share by capacity, port utilization for the G6 Alliance, and potential issues with pre-existing vessel and slot-sharing agreements that cross these newly formed alliance boundaries.
   Which of the three mega-alliances – the other two being the P3 Alliance, whose members are Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co. and CMA CGM; and the CKYHE, which is comprised of China-owned COSCO Container Lines, Hanjin Shipping of South Korea, Taiwan-based Yang Ming and Evergreen Line, and “K” Line of Japan – will control the most capacity in these crucial east-west trades? Which ports will be the preferred destinations within the new G6 transpacific and transatlantic network? What might become of services operated by members of more than one of the three alliances in these trades?
   The G6 Transatlantic and Transpacific Service Network Analysis does more than simply answer these questions, however, as it includes tables detailing the myriad changes occurring within the G6 member carriers’ current existing services as well as the most-called ports within the new transatlantic and transpacific network, and charts containing all of the data used to examine each alliance’s market share by allocated capacity, giving readers an unrivaled of level insight into the proposed network changes.
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