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Do Industrial Shippers Dream of TMS?
6 September, 2017
We’re in the midst of the third wave of transportation management technology.

At this point, TMS software is an established way for companies to manage increasingly complex freight networks. But TMSs have predominantly been aimed at consumer supply chains, whether on the retail or manufacturing end of the spectrum. Industrial shippers have mostly been afterthoughts in the evolution of TMS. These shippers have been left to turn to technology from 3PLs that specialize in their industries, or rely on systems that aren’t tailored for their unique needs.

But that’s changing. Technology that is purpose-built for industrial shippers, across modes and geographies, has emerged in recent years to help these shippers organize, optimize, and predict.

American Shipper’s newest white paper, Do Industrial Shippers Dream of TMS, dives into this new age of industrial-shipper focused technology development.
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