API Services

Our API services empower developers and businesses by granting exclusive access to BlueWater Reporting's entire library of data. With the flexibility of API, your applications can make requests to one of our available endpoints and receive data within seconds. Available datasets include the following:

  • Vessels
  • Transit Times
  • Trade Capacity Report
  • Vessel Schedules
  • Point to Point Schedules
  • Service Information
  • Service Rotation Information
  • Service Vessel Information
  • ... and more.

Other datasets available on request. Terms and additional fees may apply.

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Data Feeds

We deliver! If you're looking to receive data on a regular basis, we support a variety of standard data-interchange formats including JSON, XML, CSV, and more. We also support a variety of data transfer methods such **E-Mail, FTP, or *API service.

* API Service subscription required.
** File transfer restrictions apply based on your E-Mail service provider.

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Ocean Carriers

EDI providers, we accepts EDI schedule data in virtually any format available including, but not limited to, IFTSAI, X12 323, XML, and more!

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