The Withdrawn TEU Capacity from Blanked Sailings log featured on our home page was originally launched due to the massive number of blanked sailings earlier in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Now that things have stabilized, we are discontinuing the report. Blanked sailings data can still be found using BlueWater Reporting’s Blanked Sailings Report, Blanked Sailings Analysis or Blanked Sailings Pivot Table Report.

However, if you are interested in receiving data in this format going forward, please contact us.

Blanked Sailings on Major Asia Outbound Trades

Avg. Weekly Deployed TEUs on trade, Asia to N. America: 439,116
Avg. Weekly Deployed TEUs on trade, Asia to N. Europe/Med: 378,744
TodaySunday January 16, 2022
82 Liner Vessels
are scheduled to arrive in Busan.
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The five largest container services calling the recently locked down Port of Ningbo
BlueWater Reporting's Port Dashboard shows the largest container services that call the Port of Ningbo, which has recently been locked down due to coronavirus thus raising concerns over further supply chain disruptions.
Capacity from Asia to East Coast grows as West Coast capacity stagnates
BlueWater Reporting’s Capacity Report shows an 18.6 percent increase in capacity from Asia to East Coast North America via the Panama Canal since August 2021.
Capacity on major South American trade routes strengthen
BlueWater Reporting’s Capacity Report shows a 9.2 percent increase in the capacity to South America from Asia and a 6.9 percent increase from North America.
The five largest container services affected by LA/Long Beach congestion
The BlueWater Reporting Port Dashboard reveals the largest container services calling the congested ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach by their average vessel sizes in TEUs.
Indian Sub-Continent to North America capacity grows by 40 percent year-over-year
BlueWater Reporting’s Capacity Report shows the growth in capacity year-over-year along the ISC to N. America route, including a 40.8% increase from November 2020.
Maersk maintains dominance on Asia to WCSA lane
BlueWater Reporting’s Carrier Trade Route Deployment Report shows Maersk Line as the carrier with the largest estimated weekly allocated TEUs on the Asia to WCSA trade lane.
MSC beefs up presence on Asia-Oceania trade
BlueWater Reporting's Carrier/Trade Route Deployment Report shows MSC's weekly allocated capacity from Asia to Oceania is 53% higher from last January.
Southeast Asia to U.S. container capacity surges in 2020
Weekly allocated container capacity from Southeast Asia to the U.S. as of December 2020 was 51% higher year-over-year, while the China to U.S. trade only saw a 6% boost.
Container capacity rises on U.S., Canada to Mexico trade
BlueWater Reporting's Capacity Report shows that weekly allocated TEUs on the trade increased 35% between the December 2019 and 2020 reporting periods.
KMTC, Wan Hai boost East India’s connectivity with Asia
The carriers launched a new loop this month between the two regions that deploys six vessels with an average capacity of 4,393 TEUs.

Asia to East Gulf Coast North American Canal Comparison

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