Coronavirus sparks more blanked sailings on trades out of China

Avg. Weekly Deployed TEUs on trade, Asia to N. America: 426,419
Avg. Weekly Deployed TEUs on trade, Asia to N. Europe/Med: 398,136
TodayFriday July 3, 2020
85 Liner Vessels
are scheduled to arrive in Busan.
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Capacity surges on Asia-North America trade
The Asia to North America trade has seen a 10.3% uptick in weekly allocated TEUs between May 24 and June 28 as more businesses across the U.S. have been opening back up.
Port of Oakland gears up for larger vessels
The Port of Oakland announced it is receiving three cranes in the fall that will be able to load the world’s largest containerships.
California, here they come
THE Alliance’s PS3 offers the fastest transits from Mumbai to Los Angeles in 32 days.
OCEAN Alliance continues to dominate Asia-North America trade
THE Alliance provides quickest Vietnam to U.S. transits
The fastest liner shipping transits from Vietnam to the U.S. take 15 days on THE Alliance's PS3 loop.
Average vessel size surges on North Europe to North America trade
Between September 2019 and May 2020, BlueWater Reporting's Capacity Report shows average vessel size on the trade increased 10%, from 5,101 TEUs to 5,596 TEUs.
Port of Charleston remains hotspot for larger ships despite box volume slump
The port's April box volumes were sluggish, but it continues to be a common call for some of the largest U.S. East Coast vessels as it prepares to finish its 52-foot dredging project and new terminal next year.
ISC-North America capacity increases despite COVID-19 chaos
Weekly allocated TEUs on the ISC-North America trade in both directions have increased 8.8% year-over-year in March 2020.
Port of Hamburg’s new rail link from China cuts transit times
The rail freight service's trip from Jinan to Hamburg took just 20 days, while ocean liner transits from Qingdao, which is near Jinan, to Hamburg average 38 days.
Maersk holds strong lead on Asia-Africa trade
Maersk allocates nearly double the amount of capacity per week from Asia to Africa than the second leading carrier.

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