2M Alliance increases capacity with Asia-U.S. East Coast revamp
By Bessie Howard on 24 September 2018
ZIM's recent participation and new service has boosted 2M Alliance capacity on the Asia-U.S. East Coast trade.
  Israeli carrier ZIM has officially started their cooperation on four out of the five existing Asia-United States East Coast operated services offered by 2M Alliance members Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).  In addition, ZIM also purchases slots on the newly launched 2M operated TP11/Elephant service which commenced sailing on Sept. 15. According to MSC, the network updates will allow for faster transit times, direct coverage of Laem Chabang and improved reliability performance. 
  Corresponding with the latest Asia-U.S. East Coast revisions, the 2M Alliance's transpacific and  transatlantic networks have also gone through their own modifications in the lead up to peak season. According to Maersk Line and MSC, the remaining major east-west trade, Asia-Europe, is also scheduled to undergo service adjustments during and immediately following China's Golden Week to accommodate due to "seasonal demand reductions." 
  According to BlueWater Reporting's Capacity Report, the 2M Alliance has received a significant boost in total number of vessels and allocated capacity as a result of its latest Asia-U.S. East Coast network revision. Prior to the changes, 2M's capacity and deployed vessels on the trade had been at a standstill since last year, with a weekly allocation of approximately 35,000 TEUs and a total of 54 vessels. 
  As of last week, the launch of the brand new TP11/Elephant added 11 vessels and 3,651 TEUs of allocated capacity to the trade. Along with this addition, the remaining  2M operated Asia-U.S. East Coast services, with the exception of the Lone Star/TP18, underwent significant port rotation changes and vessel swapping.  As a result of all these changes, allocated capacity has increased 21 percent year-over-year from 34,649 to 42,013 TEUs. 
  In the shakeup, ZIM moved over its only two operated Asia-U.S. East Coast services to the 2M; the Z7S and ZCP which are now combined with the TP17/America and TP10/ZCP. So far, ZIM only operates vessels on the TP10/ZCP, purchasing slots on the remaining services alongside Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) and Hamburg-Süd. 
  According to BlueWater Reporting's carrier dashboard, ZIM's only other participation within the Asia-North America trade is the ZIM Med Pacific-ZMP, and as a slot-purchaser on the HMM operated PN2, both which call the transpacific.
  Among the alliances, and as a result of the aforementioned changes, the 2M Alliance has now overtaken THE Alliance to claim the second spot in allocated capacity in the Asia-U.S. East Coast trade with 42,013 TEUs. While THE Alliance now moves into third with 37,648 TEUs, the Ocean Alliance maintains its stronghold on the trade with 61,795 TEUs.