MSC leads in Asia-Med capacity
By Eva Matthews on 19 March 2018
MSC makes up about 24 percent of all capacity on the Asia to mediterranean trade.
   Utilizing the BlueWater Reporting Carrier Trade Route Deployment Report, the chart above displays the top five carriers on the Asia to Mediterranean trade in estimated weekly allocated capacity (TEUs). The chart also shows the number of vessels deployed by each of the carriers. 
   Unsurprisingly, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has the greatest capacity on the Asia-Med trade, at an estimated 35,366 weekly allocated TEUs, on a total of 51 vessels deployed. MSC's capacity makes up about 34 percent of the top five carriers' capacity, and about 24 percent of the total estimated weekly allocated capacity on the trade. 
   CMA CGM's 19,159 TEUs, Maersk Line's 18,969 and COSCO's 18,503 have the three carriers neck and neck. CMA CGM and Maersk each deploy 41 vessels on the trade, while COSCO deploys 30. 
   Evergreen has the fifth greatest capacity on the Asia-Med trade, with an estimated  13,343 allocated TEUs on 17 vessels. Together, the top five carriers from Asia to the Mediterranean deploy an estimated 105,340 allocated TEUs, accounting for 72 percent of the total capacity on the trade.