Seattle tops all ports in Washington state
By Bessie Howard on 23 February 2018
Two of Washington's three container ports handle most of the capacity coming into the state.
  Utilizing the BlueWater Reporting Terminal/Service Analysis Report, the chart above provides an overview of the ports in the state of Washington, as well as the total deployed capacity flowing through those ports, measured in TEUs. 
  According to the data, there are three ports which handle the full amount of capacity moving through Washington: Seattle, Tacoma and Everett. 
  The port of Seattle currently handles the most amount of capacity at 421,505 TEUs. There are 10 services calling  Seattle, five of which are strictly transpacific services and solely operated by one of the three alliances.  
  Coming in second, and handling 28 percent less capacity than Seattle is the port of Tacoma with a total of 301,793 TEUs. Tacoma is currently called by 15 services, nine of which transit the transpacific trade. 
  In a distant third is the port of Everett with 20,212 TEUs. This port is currently called by five sevices, only one of which is fully cellular and is operated by carrier Westwood Shipping Line. 
  Overall, there are 743,510 deployed TEUs moving through the state of Washington.