Summer ends with boost in Europe to SAEC capacity
By Kim Williams on 10 September 2018
Estimated weekly allocated capacity from North Europe to the east coast of South America has seen an increase during the 2018 summer months. 
  The European summer ended with a boost in southbound capacity to South America’s eastern coast. 
  Utilizing BlueWater Reporting’s Carrier Trade Route Report, the chart above shows the estimated weekly allocated TEUs in both directions between North Europe and the South American east coast for the months of May, June, July and August 2018. 
  According to the data, southbound capacity increased slightly between May and July, sliding from 16,798 to 17,003 TEUs per week. Estimated weekly allocated capacity then saw a more dramatic increase, jumping 3.3 percent to 17,595 TEUs in August.
  Overall, southbound capacity has risen 4.7 percent between May and August 2018.
  Northbound capacity saw a minor increase during this period, rising just 1.1 percent between May and August. It jumped 1.9 percent from an estimated 16,869 allocated TEUs per week in May to 17,188 TEUs in June, before sliding back down to 17,054 TEUs in August. 
  The number of deployed vessels in each direction remains the same at 23 vessels. BlueWater Reporting’s Quick Capacity Report shows that average vessel capacity between Europe and the east coast of south America has increased by 1.3 percent from 7,239 to 7,335 TEUs.