Vessel size decreases on South America West Coast-North America trade
By Kim Williams on 13 February 2018
The average vessel size has hit its lowest in three years, though the vessel count has gone up.
  Utilizing BlueWater Reporting’s Quick Capacity Report, the chart above shows a comparison of deployed vessels  and average vessel capacity for the November, December and January reporting periods of 2015-2017. Average vessel capacity is measured in TEUs. 
  According to the data, the number of deployed vessels increased 43 percent from winter of 2015 to 2017. Meanwhile, the average vessel capacity decreased almost 40 percent from January 2017 to 2018 from 4,575 to 2,771 TEUs. Average capacity was at its peak in December of 2016 at 4,688 TEUs, while January 2017 saw the greatest number of vessels deployed on the trade, at 34.