WCSA to Mexico trade deploys more vessels than WCSA to North America trade
By Kim Williams on 16 January 2018
BlueWater Reporting shows more than twice the number of vessels are deployed on WCSA-Mexico.
   Utilizing BlueWater Reporting’s Capacity Report , the chart above provides a tally of the total number of deployed vessels transiting between West Coast South America (WCSA) to North America (U.S. and Canada) as well as West Coast South America to Mexico. 
According to the data, it is clear that the WCSA to Mexico trade deploys the most amount of vessels overall, deploying 80-88 vessels for the 2017 year. 
   This is over double the amount of vessels that were deployed in the WCSA to North America trade, which deployed 28-38 vessels throughout the year, marking a difference of up to 10 vessels. This 10 vessel change is a result of MSC dropping the trade from their SAWC/USA/NWC service in July 2017.
   Overall, the West Coast South America to Mexico trade is much more active than that of WCSA to North America in total vessel deployment.